3 Common Carpet Issues and Ways To Prevent Them

Carpets are made up of super-soft fabrics, which makes them super comfortable flooring materials. They come in different textures and colours, to give that aesthetic look to the room. However, carpets undergo several issues due to various reasons such as improper installation, improper manufacturing, etc. Even overusing the carpets might lead to certain carpet issues. With proper maintenance and professional care, you can increase the life of carpets. Experts often suggest seeking professional help, because they are highly skilled and well-trained. Also, they will suggest the best solutions for the common carpet issues that you come across on a daily basis. 

Carpet issues like carpet buckling, ravelling, fading, shedding, split seams, indentations, etc. All such issues can cause severe damage to the carpets. You can follow certain preventive measures, to avoid such damages. You can explore the following details regarding the 3 common carpet issues and ways to prevent them; after all, prevention is always better than cure! 

3 Carpet Issues And Easy Ways to Prevent Them

Dealing with carpet issues on your own is a hectic job. Also, throwing away the damaged carpets is not the ultimate solution. Therefore, preventing carpets from being damaged is the best solution. Here are the 3 common carpet issues and ways to prevent them:

1. Carpet Buckling: This can be the case if you observe any kind of bulge or ripple on your carpets. Due to this, carpets look as if there is something beneath the flood. A major reason for carpet buckling is moisture. Even the professional cleaning that leaves behind the moisture content can make your carpets buckle up. This buckling can be a temporary thing, as the carpet restores the look, once they are dry and free from moisture. This is because the fabrics will shrink upon drying. There are several other reasons which will make your carpets ripple: 

  • If the room is humid
  • Improper or wrong carpet padding
  • Pulling or dragging heavy items across the carpets
  • Incorrect or improper carpet installation
  • Improper steam cleaning

Prevention: you can overcome this issue by reducing the humidity in the room. Consider carpet stretching by professionals, in case you live in humid or damp environments. This is because maintaining low moisture in the air is a tough job in such conditions. Also, make sure your carpets are always dry and have no traces of moisture in them. By following these steps, you can overcome the issue of carpet buckling.

2. Carpet Colour Fading: As mentioned above, carpet comes in various colours. But the intensity of the colour starts to fade away over some time. Fading of the colour can be of two types: 

  • Discolouration: Upon direct exposure to direct sunlight or harsh chemicals, carpets may lose their colour. It is necessary to take precautions while cleaning your carpets. Discolouration can ruin the look of your carpet. 
  • Prevention: You can prevent discolouration by avoiding your carpets to direct exposure to sunlight. Using non-toxic cleaning agents that are free from harsh chemicals that can ruin the carpets. Also read the labels of these products, before applying them directly onto the carpets. If the carpet colour is already faded; you need to consult the professionals for finding an appropriate solution.
  • Shading: Shading of the carpets is also a most common carpet issue. This case is seen when the fabrics are in different directions. Most of the time, the fibres are bent, and then the light is reflected differently from the non-crushed fibres. This will make the look of the carpet colour non-uniform.
  • Prevention: Vacuuming your carpets can make all the fabrics face the same direction. This will make the colour uniform. Most of the time, this will help; even after vacuuming if you still face the problem, try consulting professionals. 

3. Carpet Shedding: Carpet shedding is normal in the initial days after installation. This is often seen when you vacuum it, as loose carpet fibres come out. But if the loose carpet fibres come off abundantly, then that is an issue. You should not neglect this issue, as it can ruin the texture of the carpet in the long run. There can be additional reasons why it could happen:

  • Due to particular fabric type
  • Improper maintenance
  • Any other underlying issues
  • Prevention: You can prevent carpet shedding by vacuuming your floors thoroughly. Maintaining the integrity of carpet fibres is important. As some fibres are very delicate; therefore, using proper vacuuming is very important. In case you observe more of it, you need to seek professional care. 


The above are a few common carpet issues and ways to prevent them. Even though you take extreme care of the carpets; there are certain things that are out of your control. For instance, maintaining your carpets becomes hard if you have pets. Because the carpets are often prone to damage due to the activities of your pets. Also, improper manufacturing of your carpets can make the carpets get easily damaged. Ignoring the early signs of damage can lead to severe damage. And by following several prevention tips, you can maintain your carpets in a good condition for a longer duration. Besides your regular carpet cleaning, occasional professional carpet cleaning will aid in promoting the life of your carpets. Consult carpet cleaning and repair experts who can help you in tackling these common carpet issues.